Flat white report – Starbucks Westfield W12 (2nd Floor)



As the picture shows most of the coffee ended up in the milk-froth. Starbucks Lattes are the best for my money but the Flat-whites are not.

They are too small and judging by this experience, the expertise is lacking. Had to take it back once already because it was too cold.

Cost: £2.40. Value: No.

I recommend Pret-a-manger’s Flat-whites. Cheaper (£1.99), tastier.

Late Night Reportage


I’m in W12 London. I’ve just prayed and meditated. I’ve checked my smashwords stats and been disappointed.

London and the news are quiet at the moment but things are about to happen.

Light grey seems to be the in colour for coats and jackets for men said my eye today. I didn’t look at any beautiful women today. I can’t say what’s trending with them, though generally – and this ain’t new – red hair abounds.

iPads are ubiquitous: someone please design apparel that incorporates the iPad. You heard it first here. K@11.20pm