Nuclear power is becoming obsolete


RWE Npower and its partner E.On have said they will not develop new nuclear power projects in the UK. The two were planning to invest in new plants in Anglesey and Oldbury, near Bristol, under a joint venture called Horizon Nuclear Power. But the firms say that raising finance for power projects has become difficult due to the global financial crisis. RWE has also been hit by costs associated with decommissioning nuclear power plants in Germany.

Nuclear power is still being used today even after the near catastrophe in Japan. I say near catastrophe because it could have been much worse.

There is no good sense in projecting a future for Nuclear power. Instead large efforts should go into making the world-changing leap to energy sources that will last and that are safe and clean. That day is not far. Perhaps not in my lifetime but humans can strive for a day where abundant energy will lead to an end to poverty and excuses that maintain poverty.

Lent 2012 – St Apollonia patron saint of teeth

Rogier van der Weyden 1400 – 1464 St Margaret and St Apollonia (the pincers identify St Apollonia)

Today having had a tooth extracted and not in a little pain I looked up the patron saint of teeth. It is St Apollonia who had her teeth pulled viciously and also broken during a persecution.

Teeth are strange. So essential to that most essential of things: food; and yet they are source of much discomfort and anxiety.

Link to Wikipedia’s page on St Apollonia

Miscarriage of justice – being fitted up

In the email al-Akili recounted that he obtained a phone number from Mohammed and put it into Google. The search returned a reference to the case of the Newburgh Four, where an FBI confidential informant called Shahed Hussain helped secure the convictions of four men for attempting to blow up Jewish targets in the Bronx.