The main pub in South Kenton


As I photoed then tried uploading the picture of the establishment above, a gentleman in dusty paint-splashed shoes said:

“Are you going to knock it down?”

“I’m blogging it.”

“Flogging it?”

“No, blogging it.”

He paused for a moment. He was in his sixties, with a droopy eye and small. I felt sympathetic towards him.The word blog took a moment to register: “As long as it keeps its character, stays a family friendly pub. Time Out featured this some years ago ‘coz it’s near Wembley, you know with the football. Then for about five years we had crowds pack it out and then it settled down again.”

Going over his opening words in my head, that his first query was whether the pub’s days were numbered I said:

“Well, don’t worry. Hardly anyone looks at this blog.”

“Come in and have a pint.”

“That’s very kind of you but I rarely drink.”

“Have an orange juice. I wouldn’t force a drink on you,” he said as he disappeared into the large grand pub that is the Windermere.


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