Egon No aka Egon Yes – a shambling ramble


They Look Down on Me (extract)

some kind of weirdo, foraging for some kind of release, from a sense of deep failure city life embellishes

the inability to fit the identity to the psyche

Deep tenebrous failure and the  darkness repetition of failure moment misjudgement miscalculation How I killed myself, The Vacuum Cleaner and Other Lusts & Other Stories

Nothing was pellucid anymore about all our peripheral complicities

Ever the actor, Ever the farceur, ever the day to fudge resolutions to do ablutions to confront the problem of environmental pollutions

so much to write so little time to be read

ever the everer, too many evers can become never

Such things as madness are peripheral consequences One person said

I left the scene I was a misfit anyway

squares and circles:
to the juggler her juggling balls, to the burglar his burglings, to the musketeer muskets, to the warrior wars

In a tragedy no one can behold themselves or others; no one can grasp the situation, they can not even see it in the faces of other peoples, nor can they see it in their own faces or listen to it in their own speech, or the speech of others coming from distant rooms. Only actions have the force of meaning in such hours; but meanings are subject to misinterpretation, and change.

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