Mass Effect III – change the ending


But fans of the series are complaining that its ending is “bleak, dark and unacceptable” and are lobbying its Canadian developer, Bioware, to release a new version.


“We don’t feel entitled we simply want full resolution to a game in which we invested time and money and emotions over a period of six years,” said Sebastian Sobczyk, a gamer and London-based fashion buyer.

“Imagine a Return of The Jedi where Han dies, Leia dies, Luke dies and Darth Vader dies, Rebel fleet gets stranded and abandoned somewhere and Ewoks are the only ones left to light the fires.”

To publicise their campaign, 50,000 Mass Effect gamers who have signed a petition for a new ending have also raised almost £50,000 for Child’s Play, a children’s hospital charity backed by the video games industry.

“Some good will come out of it as we are protesting with our wallets by donating to charity,” said Mr Sobczyk.

In response to the outcry, Bioware has hinted that it could release an alternative ending.


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