Illustration for Chapter 56’s chapter heading of Cheap as Chips


After some proof reading work I am back writing the children’s book Cheap as Chips. It’s going well. I hope to meet the Christmas deadline but this may be at the expense of my sci-fi zombie story. Unfortunately these last few days I’m working in the coffee shop and there’s some bad tempered nut who’s always here on his Apple. He looks to be Somali and I feel for him as he may have had his troubles but he’s ruining things for me a bit. Yesterday he was swearing half at the computer and may be half at me. Problems began some months ago as I waited for the loo. He thought I was nosying in on his screen. I’d never noticed him till then. Anyway the revenge get out of my face side of me says tell him you’ll report him to the police.

Certainly if his swearing was directed at me I should think about it. He swore again under his breath when he saw me today. I think I’ll start by drawing the staff’s attention to it just in case he’s dangerous. I don’t want to get him in trouble unnecessarily.


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