A note on Zoonosis

Zoonosis is a term that helps clarify the biological complexities behind the ominous headlines about swine flu, bird flu, Sars, emerging diseases in general, and the threat of a global pandemic. It’s a word of the future, destined for heavy use in the 21st century.

thanks to David Quammen of guardian.co.uk for this term.

Here’s the link to his article: http://m.guardian.co.uk/ms/p/gnm/op/sGs7L-hBZZBl0XkxrBkdEvQ/view.m?id=15&gid=society/2012/sep/28/deadly-viruses-ebola-marburg-sars&cat=most-read

Coffee Pattern II


Here in Esquires opposite Shepherd’s Bush tube station hard,at work on Cheap as Chips. As the ending draws nearer the likelihood of having taken the plot in the wrong direction feels higher. I know the ending roughly but…I write, make up stories to surprise myself.