Consequence of the Reciprocal Verb’s Aversion


The rowdy Reciprocal Verb

Was averse to the herb

So she fancied the bottle instead

But the bashful bottle rose from its bed

To curb the fashionable reciprocal verb

And so with panache wrote at a dash on its label: Please Do Not Disturb.


The Ballad of Happy Glow Dumbly


Sweet Happy Glow Dumbly

Wended his way so humbly

But a jumble of giant crumbs

Disturbed a bumble of bees’ at their sums

Who leapt from their hive

And jumped to the jive

Of stinging Happy Glow Dumbly

And thus he returned to his lodgings quite numbly.

The family of milk cartons

At leisure and going for a stroll, perhaps to get some water or to bathe



As you can see the family is heading to the sink for refreshment. Daddy and Mummy are happy to see their children learning how to be milk cartons.

Activists have wondered why they contain no milk, however. This has caused concern on The Letterman Show with a variety of celebrities asking politicians to look into the matter. The counter-argument runs that milk cartons start life off without any milk in them so it’s only natural that this family should be enjoying what is their natural state, if not their natural purpose.