Some doodles, symbols poetecized


We fanned out Holding lighters to the grinning ceiling A feather of a crow expanded Herded us into a recurring motif Can anyone believe that science can explain belief We were forced by the mite-infested feather Into a giant lightbulb, old-style with filament, not yet lit Not yet glowing, all of us groaned and gnashed our teeth The cieling’s riotous rictus grin Dante-esque we searched our consciences for some trespass To give clue to the retributions surreal The feather tickled us but we screamed The ceiling was laughing A clichĂ© entered with a knife It split open a watermelon An eyebrow swam out and battled the feather An electrician urinated on a dictionary Winter froze him and we climbed out of the lightbulb On the frozen arc of micturation The feather and eyebrow asked the ceiling for an eyelash To see more clearly


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