BBC News – Governments urged to prepare for the worst

Below is a link to the idea that there should be Risk Managers.

It seems that we are on the verge of a doom scenario of some sort. It may not be the coronavirus. It may not be the deadlock over Syria blowing up into WWIII. But now is the time to be alert to the NEW UNEXPECTEDNESS that is the consequence of living in a highly digitally connected world. When humans’ greatest need was knowing where water could be found a man’s word was truly his bond – it could mean the difference between finding water and not. Why? Reliance on words – the information in words and the name of the provider of information who owns those words – meant drink and food and to lie would be to open the possibility of being lied to.

In our day words travel more quickly than we have got used to managing: damage limitation, anger management. This is just one area in which the NEW UNEXPECTEDNESS operates. We have not had a major pandemic for 60 years at least. Each passing year increases the probability. Preparation is everything; preparation is about being less selfish and looking out for our neighbours because we live as one family – we die as one family.

Coronavirus: emerged in 2012, possibly will create an emergency in 2013-14