Breughel the Elder – cinema before cinema

In this masterpiece we see Breughel the Elder’s gift for story and movement. It is said that he was influenced by Bosch; it is also conjectured that in Breughel we see some of Bosch’s hallucinatory surrealism diminishing in prominence: the medieval mind with all its supposed superstitions gives place to the less goblin-infested world of the coming Renaissance, which has already commenced in Italy. Perhaps in this painting also we see some elements of the tensions between flesh and spirit as disease and seemingly perpetual war become slightly less prevalent in northern Europe. Perhaps we should only speak of plague because around this time Europe was to be torn by wars of religion. Perhaps we can say that technology had improved enough for there to be greater social leisure. Anyway forget about my gaffling and take a tour with Breugel. (He decided to drop the ‘h’ fron his name.)


The Fight between Carnival and Lent

PS if you want the giant file of this painting, which you can get on wikipedia, this is the LINK


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