Justice, Hell, Chemical Weapons


Many will not enter into Heaven. This was the Gospel reading in Luke, read to a billion Catholics yesterday. We see above van Leydan’s famous Lot and his daughters. Lot, we can be sure is going to Hell, unless he asks God’s forgiveness. A father who screws his daughters is in serious danger of the fires of Hell.

What about Syria?
The chemical weapons used merit Hell. To see those innocent children attacked indiscriminately  goes to the core of our being, our sense of indignation.

Whoever unleashed that attack probably thinks they were doing a ‘good’ given the war, the exigencies of securing victory. War is indeed a special case. No one can judge except God. However, an attack such as this highlights the reality of evil in our world and prompts an inkling, a faint notion of a hope, a metaphysical mapping of just deserts for those souls wrecking people’s lives, especially the lives of the most innocent.


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