Outcuts from the Supperstone Adventure

RM BRAINlike01


He didn’t want to say anything to Lily until they were indoors. Even then he wondered how angry to be. He blamed the musician with the sex-smell spray partly. He’d turned her head. One day he’d sit down and write a little treatise: What is the purpose of the conflict between emotion and rational judgment? He’d interview Buckaza, he joked grimly to himself.

But it was no joke. It was all very well for him to take the pulse of people’s mood from his own steely inward looking self or the outgoing Webster or Imamura but these were exceptional people. What of the common human with all their worries in a crisis like this? Who was he to judge? Still Buckaza’s behaviour was as far as Supperstone was concerned unconscionable. It would be the icing on the camel if Buckaza erupted into a zombie. Even better if he grassed on them. Still he’d wait until he got his 500K so perhaps the best thing would be to grass on him first or just lock him up for the duration of their


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