The Beyond

The Beyond (film) – From:Wikipedia


Following the release of City of the Living Dead, Fulci decided to continue that film’s exploration of metaphysical concepts — in particular, the ways in which the realms of both the living and the dead might bleed into each other.

Fulci also wanted to do a film that would pay homage to his idol, the French playwright Antonin Artaud. Artaud, a sometime member of the early 20th Century Surrealist movement, envisioned theatre being less about linear plot and more about “cruel” imagery and symbolism that could shock its audience into action.

From Kishmot: But for one slightly flawed action scene his is a top horror movie. It combines the slasher genre with the supernatural and shares a similarity with The Shining in its metaphysics.

Word count The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie


I estimate there are 60,000 words in this fast-moving whodunit by Agatha Christie.

Our bodies will be a mystery to us till we wriggle or even writhe away from them. Somehow we are and are not our bodies.

Part of the fascination in bygone days of watching executions was the strange sensation of seeing life pass into lifelessness. Whodunits fascinate us for they present snapshots of people’s lives and snapshots of motives for murder. We all fear being murdered. We know it to be a possibility. In some ways whodunits act as antennas of knowledge giving us insights into why others may hate us and in some cases to what lengths they may go to rid our bodies of animation and of speech.

Order ov kreashun

“The order of creation,” stated Benedict XVI, “demands that a priority be given to those human activities that do not cause irreversible damage to nature, but which instead are woven into the social, cultural, and religious fabric of the different communities.”


Poem for George


One day I wrote a poem for you

And you stuck it to the bottom of your shoe

You walked around Croydon for nights on end

Until the words in the poem were all worn out

In summer I saw you, gave you a shout:

Is that the poem I wrote you? Did you hate it so?

No, no, you said. I just took it all around

For I liked it and wanted it to cover much ground!