National Theatre Bookshop Coffeeshop


I heart wall…I met this group in the NT bookshop Southbank (London) and they were doing a shoot for their blog. I unfortunately lost the URL from my phone. It’s something like heart wall and deals with relationships from Christian women’s perspective. Do contact me guys and I’ll put your URL up. All the best with the blog.

Waterstones Children’s Book Prize


I tweeted Waterstones this morning chiding them for the preponderance of ‘media-people’ in their lists of those up for prizes in their Waterstones Children’s Book Prize.

Yes, it’s true that there is so much out there that we need people to put us on to the good things. The books on the lists: some look great.

But a trend I want us to be hard on is celebrity book deals,
especially children’s books. Why? Publishing agents have always been a little lazy but in our age with so much inequality they’re relying on the media to do their publicity work. It’s Pareto’s law: the 20 per cent will have 80 per cent of the wealth, fame, publicity etc.

So it is sad that something as democratic and joyful as books for children should become a bit of a closed shop open only to people who already enjoy some degree of publicity.

There’s an awful lot of talent out there. Let’s support it and support it broadly.

A note on eternity


Eternal originally did not mean forever. It means outside of time, outside of the temporal.

It is the physical linear processing of our brains that of necessity forces us to apprehend physical time in a linear fashion.

To be is to be forever. That is, we experience, once and only once in the flow and physicality of time. When that ends, time borne of physics will be like a physical object, able to be examined from outside. We will not be subject to its flow, exigencies or decay.

But within time we are becoming, always becoming and not always or automatically becoming someting good. But we are like trees growing, like a painting in progress, becoming until we are.