Extract from The Threadneedle St. Gang

The Threadneedle St. Gang also known as The Fartyland Affair by K Kishmot

The upcoming novel by K Kishmot

His Business
Phil Larken

His is the business of being wreathed
In underpants around his neck
The heady odours seduce his braincells
With the emphasis on usura
His songwords are impoverished by his riches
And the little insects that give him itches

What are his songs for?
They play and annoy us time and time again
But he is a hero
To the populace who have a reading age of ten

Extract from Pope Benedict XVI’s lecture ‘Conscience in Its Time’

The destruction of the conscience is the real prerequisite for totalitarian followers and totalitarian rule. Where conscience prevails, there is a limit to the dominion of human common and human choice, something sacred that must remain inviolate and that in its ultimate sovereignty eludes all control, whether someone else’s or one’s own. Only…the recognition that conscience is sacrosanct protects man from man’s inhumanity and from himself; only its rule guarantees freedom. (Church, Ecumenism, and Politics, Ignatius Press, 2008)